Bee Bee Bee Baaaaahhh

The term “BeeBaa” makes me think of one of my Boston-native friends talking about that adorable pop-sensation Justin Beiber.  This pedal is no teenage girl’s wet dream, though.

The Roland AF-100 BeeBaa was a semi-rare fuzz from the 70’s, with some unique features for fuzzes at the the time.  First off, the fuzz on this is not that mellow psyche-y fuzz that you’re used to from 60’s circuits..  If a fuzz face adds some wool to your sound, the BeeBaa adds a whole box of K-Mart sweaters and a roll of shag carpeting. The controls are pretty standard for a fuzz (volume, tone, sustain) but there is an additional switch to toggle between two fuzz voicings, one more bass-y than the other.  This BeeBaa also features a separate stomp for a treble boost circuit, just like the originals.  This is not a separate circuit entirely, but merely bypasses much of the fuzz circuitry and provides signal boost.  If used right, it can be an excellent way to toggle between a boosted gainy sound to an all out fuzz.

Pic below and sound clip (WHAT!!!) following that.  That’s right, turds, i’ve been asked for clips of some of this stuff and so i’m trying to oblige.  Pardon my awful playing.