INFAMOUS.  THROBBING.  BALLS.  This here is a newbie that was built on a custom order and will be available in limited run shortly.  Its a tremolo patterned after the old Vox Repeat Percussion.  Never heard of it?  Most people havent.  It was found in some old Vox guitars that had built in effects, as well in some stand-alone boxes that plugged right into your guitar.  What it amounts to is a tremolo like you’ve never heard.  A bizarre, whomping whomper with lots of pulse attack and nowhere near the smooth rolling swells that most people associate with a tremolo effect.  Fans of Spaceman 3, you’ve heard this before!

We called it the Throb Balls because it THROBS and, well, we have the sense of humor of a nine year old.  One knob on this guy that controls the rate of the throbbing.  A second is technically possible to control the depth of the effect, but really you ought to be approaching this one with an “all or nothing” frame of mind.  The original circuit for these had an issue with volume drop which has been corrected for the Throb Balls.  All the standard trimmings apply and it comes in a nice golden mustard enclosure.  If you’re interested, drop me an email!  thedoctor@ballseffects.com