Holiday Balls Garage Sale!

Its again time to clear out the shelves here at Balls Industries.  Some of these are custom builds that were never picked up.  Some are extras I built along the way while I was making something similar for a customer.  Others are ones I just made for my own curiosity.  The point is….i’ve got a lot of stuff kicking around over here and every once in a while I need to sell it off and make room for more goodies.  The list is below.  Standard shipping for one pedal is $10 in the continental US, and $5 for each additional.  If you’re outside the continental US just email me and i’ll let you know what it’ll cost.  Most are in perfect shape, a few have an occasional scratch or ding.  Feel free to email me with any questions you have!

SOLD! Standard One-Knob Fuzz ($100)- silicon transistors.  compare to: Fulltone 70, DAM Meathead.


Digital Delay ($130) – Analog styled delay using digital circuitry, similar to what most modern manufacturers are making.  Great sounding delay.  Single version of the delay in this post:


OCD Overdrive ($110) – Direct clone of the version 3 Fullton OCD overdrive.


SOLD!  One-Knob Basic Fuzz ($60) – My version of a classic, ultra simple fuzz circuit that has been a favorite of the DIY community for some time.  Very Muff-like fuzz that sounds great with guitar and sounds SUPERGREAT with bass.


Unidrive Variant ($100) – My take on the old Univox Unidrive circuit with variable gain and volume control.  Nasty boost and distortion.


Boost #1 ($60) – Standard clean style boost.  Compare to ZVEX Super Hard On.


Boost #2 ($60) – Another clean boost, this one a bit brighter and with more gain than the previous.


SOLD! Big Muff J. Mascis Style ($130)- silicon transistors.  built to in the style of what is purported to be J’s favorite muff. compare to: V3 Big Muff, Ram’s Head Big Muff.


SOLD! Germanium Fuzzrite ($140) – Spot on clone of the original Mosrite Fuzzrite using old stock Soviet germanium transistors.


Vintage Tremolo ($110) – Designed to sound like the built in tremolo from vintage amps.  Compare to Demeter Tremulator.


SOLD!  Modern Tremolo ($130) – Incredible and extremely versatile tremolo modeled after the 4MS Tremulus Lune.  Coarse and fine rate control, boost, chop control, smoothness control….this one does it all.


Slow Gear ($130) – Clone of the rare Boss SG-1 pedal.  This is a swell pedal that swells notes in after you pick them.  Incredible for synth-type tones out of a guitar.


SOLD!  Double Digital Delay ($170) – Just like the version for sale above except its two delays instead of one.  Great for having two delay settings that you alternate between, or cascading delays for serious space.

When the swizz dongles.

Listen….there’s this dude named Kelly Doyle.  He did all of the sound clips for me of the production Balls units.  He also happens to be a hot lava shit storm of shredding.  I have openly wept watching the man play.  Dude is good.  But the point to all that is that when he asks you to make something, you do it.

Enter the BUS DRIVER, Kelly’s all-in-one overdrive unit.  I dont even like overdrives, let alone three drivers in one box, but hey to each their own.  This giant gold brick contains three of the man’s favorites.  Starting from the right we have a bog standard Klon Centaur clone.  Following that in the middle is a booster styled after the preamp from the old echo-plex tape echo.  People used to use that circuit to drive their amps even when they had no intention of adding the echo effect.  This is a nod to that spirit.  And then finally on the right we have an atypical tube screamer type of circuit.  This one has been tweaked in a couple of ways.  Namely it retains much more bass than a normal screamer, clips and compresses less, and has a wet/dry blend control to dial in the most faint amounts of drive.

And here’s the man himself killing it at the 3:36 mark:



Wrinkly Balls.

Have we talked about the Vox Tone Bender before?  No, not any of the Sola Sound Tone Benders.  And no, not any of the Colorsound Tone Benders.  I’m talking about the VOX one.  It appears that in the mid/late sixties about everyone was using that name, and a lot of them had distinct variations….some more noticeable than others.  The Vox Tone Bender is drastically different than other benders.  Its essentially a spin on the often rehashed Fuzz Face, but the particular blend of tweaks used turned this guy from commonplace rager into liquid gold beams of brown sunshine.  Its saturated and soupy.  Its a crockpot full of meat and potatoes stew.  Its a volcano with Schlitz.  Its just goddamned perfect.  The originals were built with germanium transistors, but for ease and reliability this one was built with silicon per the customer’s request.  Honestly this is one germanium fuzz box that translates particularly well to silicon parts.  Finished with a particularly wrinkly gold and black hammertone.  Get it on, fuzzbox.


Donkey me know.

Updates, updates, updates!  Why am I never postng updates?  I always say ill do more and never do, so maybe now is the time.  I’ll try to look back in my archives and bring everything up to speed.

Ever since I started building I’ve had a small but steady stream of requests for Klon Centaur clones.  Why?  Well they’re a pretty nice overdrive circuit.  Many people swear by them as the ONLY overdrive circuit they’ll use.  Add to that the originals stopped production and used units were going for over a grand (!!) on eBay and the like.  The circuit does sound quite nice, especially in the hands of the right player and in front of the right amp.  One of the hidden secrets of these guys is that they have a TON of boost and will really drive your amp to breakup, as well as coloring the signal with some diode clipping.

So this is my take on that famed Klon circuit.  The last few i’ve done have been in a nice raw finish which mimics all of the subtle glory of the original units.  I build these as custom order but generally have one in stock and ready to ship if requested.