Amps and Amps

DANG. Long time since my last post and ive been busy lately with a lot of amps. Are the two related? Nope. Just laziness. But lets talk about some amps.

Amps! God I love them. And with a really solid one in your corner there’s nothing you cant get done. This one came to me as a salvage effort from a Sovtek head that sat through a flooded basement. Petty much none of it was worth a goddamn thing when i got it except for the chassis and cabinet, but hey thats something. What I wanted was around a 50 watt head to use with bass for myself. Thats right, ding dong…just 50 watts for bass because its often all you need. I like a little bite and im a big fan of the EL34 and british amps in general so I went with a pretty tock recreation of the Marshall 1986 circuit. This was their “Bass” version of the 1987 “Lead” version, and the differences are relatively minor, just some tone shaping elements and a bit lower in the gain department. Channel one is a lower gain and deeper channel, and channel 2 ups the brightness and gain a bit when you really feel like laying into it. A Marshall for bass? YES. This one is a total ripper with both guitar and bass, alike!

Pics show the amp in its original, garbage-bin state, then the reclaimed finished product.

Not long after this amp was finished I got a custom order for an amp that would be used for the same time of application. I made another of the same circuit for the customer in tweed, per his request: