Black style.

When it rains it pours.  Here’s a new, more official name to an old idea:  the Balls BF-40.  The concept here is a distilled down version of several Fender amps from the 60s, commonly known as the “blackface” amps because of their black control panels.  This is a similar circuit to the bones of a Super or Twin reverb, but just one normal channel.  Its clean and pretty through most of the control range but if you really jack it it’ll crunch up nicely.  Essentially its a perfect clean amp to be used as is, or as a platform for pedalboard fanatics.  It features normal high and low inputs, a volume control, and a full treble/middle/bass tone stack.

40W. 1x12AX7, 1x12AT7, 2x6L6GC.  Fixed Bias with external test and control.

Tweed Style.

Introducing the Balls TF-40.  This is my take on a classic “tweed” style circuit in the 40W range.  The attempt here was to incorporate all the things that are definitive and characterizing of several tweed Fender amps like the Super, the Pro, and the Bandmaster.  There is clean tone to be found here, but what most people want in a tweed is some of that classic crunchy grit a la Neil Young, Pete Townshend, and so many others.  This guy has that grit in spades.  It features normal high and low inputs, as well as a normal and bright channel that can be jumpered if you like.  The tone stack is a characteristic 50’s style Fender one with Bass and Treble controls, as well as a Presence control.  A master volume was added per the customer’s request, which is accessible from the rear of the amp.

40W. 1x12AY7, 2x12AX7, 2x6L6GC, 1x5U4GB.  Fixed Bias with external test and control.