Clearance Time

Hey all, got some stuff on the shelves that needs to get on its way to make room for other new stuff, so i’ll be periodically posting some special deals.  In this case its a deal on the last Uni-Balls units.

I’ve got two of these available; one normal and one misprint with a slightly crooked label. These are absolutely KILLER one knob germanium fuzzes built with a batch of Mullard OC59s. Compare to the Colorsound One-Knob Fuzz, Vox Distortion Booster, or DAM Meathead but with germanium transistor goodness and tuned special to my taste. The tuning is just slightly darker than what you get with the Colorsound box. The OC59s sound stellar. Nice, big and round, with a minimal amount of rasp. These guys are total stoner riff machines. Sprague/Vishay caps, IRC Carbon comps, Carling footswitch. One knob controlling output volume.  $150 USD for the normal one, and $120 for the misprint. $10 domestic shipping, and if you want international shipping ill have to quote you.

Email me direct for either of these at

And here’s the misprint unit: