Balls Super Black

Suuuuuper Black!  What is it?  Its the Black Balls but with some extra kitchen sink kinda controls to it.  First off we have a rotary selector to bring multiple clipping options.  All the way to the left at position I is the strongest clipping producing the most distortion, sustain and compression, and as you turn it up to levels II, III, and IV you get less of those things, but more volume and dynamic response.  Added to that is a buffered blend control that controls the dry/wet mix of the effect.  Goes from no effect to full effect and a nice blend in the middle.  This kinda thing is great for bass guitar or bass-heavy signals that tend to get lost in the mix when distorted.

These are currently being built on a limited run basis and selling for $220 post-paid.  If you’re interested in one, shoot me an email and let me know!