Piglet Sale

Piglet Sale! I’m selling my Balls Piglet amp that was built as a proof of concept clone of the original Marshall 200 circuit (aka The Pig).  Original blog post of it can be found here:  http://ballseffects.com/balls-piglet/

The lowdown is that in the late 60s, Marshall’s 200 watt amp utilized 4 KT88 tubes, and a unique preamp.  This is *not* the same as a Major.  This lasted about a year or so and was replaced with the Major.  The controls are odd with three volumes: treble, bass, and master.  My build utilizes the same preamp and gets the same tone but with a smaller output section (2xKT66 tubes at 50W).

I built this quite some time ago and its been used off and one by myself since, but its time to free up some room for new projects.  As such i’m selling this as a *used* amp.  The tolex has gotten dusty and theres a bit of peel front and center.  Still plenty of life left in the tubes, works great, sounds huge.  Price is $950 post-paid in the US.  If you’re interested, have questions, or out of country shoot me an email at thedoctor@ballseffects.com

Clip with just guitar:

Clip with rangemaster treble booster:

Clip with dark fuzz:

Photo of tolex peel: