Balls Twenty

Always and forever never making blog posts.  So here goes…a build from a little while back which is currently on sale at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn NY!

The Balls Twenty is an amp designed around several classic elements from English and American amps of the 60s, and is well suited for guitarists that seek that a vintage, classic tone with large tonal flexibility. The Twenty is a 20-watt, 6V6 powered single channel amplifier with simple, yet extremely flexible tone controls to make the amp capable of producing a wide variety of tones from blues to classic rock and country by just adjusting the knobs. The twenty can also run the full gamut from beautiful clean tones, light overdrive, to full-blown thick sludgy crunch. The Twenty also takes pedals extremely well and loves boosts (especially Rangemasters!), drives, fuzz, etc. Like all Balls effects units and custom amplifiers, the Twenty is built in Brooklyn NY with hand-wired care, high quality parts, and attention to detail.

As always, with any questions or requests for custom builds please feel free to contact me at