Piglet Sale

Piglet Sale! I’m selling my Balls Piglet amp that was built as a proof of concept clone of the original Marshall 200 circuit (aka The Pig).  Original blog post of it can be found here:  http://ballseffects.com/balls-piglet/

The lowdown is that in the late 60s, Marshall’s 200 watt amp utilized 4 KT88 tubes, and a unique preamp.  This is *not* the same as a Major.  This lasted about a year or so and was replaced with the Major.  The controls are odd with three volumes: treble, bass, and master.  My build utilizes the same preamp and gets the same tone but with a smaller output section (2xKT66 tubes at 50W).

I built this quite some time ago and its been used off and one by myself since, but its time to free up some room for new projects.  As such i’m selling this as a *used* amp.  The tolex has gotten dusty and theres a bit of peel front and center.  Still plenty of life left in the tubes, works great, sounds huge.  Price is $950 post-paid in the US.  If you’re interested, have questions, or out of country shoot me an email at thedoctor@ballseffects.com

Clip with just guitar:

Clip with rangemaster treble booster:

Clip with dark fuzz:

Photo of tolex peel:

Balls Pentode Boost

Recently finished up this amp-top boost i’ve been working on. Its a simple, single EF86 boost designed to color a bland signal and push an amp. Adds a nice amount of pentode tone coloring, boosting the odd-harmonic content. It wont create any overdrive itself but like a Rangemaster it does an awesome job of smashing the front end of an amp.  This unit uses a proper transformer to achieve high-voltage supply on the tube plates just like in a tube amp.  No skimping on voltage!



Balls V-15

Here’s a recent build from about a month ago.  This one is pretty much the same as my previous V-30 build but at half power.  Which is to say that its basically a half power Vox AC30 circuit (but not an AC15 circuit…that ones different!).  The only other mod, per the customers request, is an added midrange control to the tone stack.  At dead center its basically the same as the hardwired controls of the original, and it boosts or cuts depending on how you turn it.  Really cant speak highly enough about the top-boost circuit.  Its that perfectly awesome high gain sound for people that don’t want a normal high gain amp.  Just enough without being too much.

Final price on this build was $1200. Contact me with any questions or purchase specifics thedoctor@ballseffects.com


Balls Super Black

Suuuuuper Black!  What is it?  Its the Black Balls but with some extra kitchen sink kinda controls to it.  First off we have a rotary selector to bring multiple clipping options.  All the way to the left at position I is the strongest clipping producing the most distortion, sustain and compression, and as you turn it up to levels II, III, and IV you get less of those things, but more volume and dynamic response.  Added to that is a buffered blend control that controls the dry/wet mix of the effect.  Goes from no effect to full effect and a nice blend in the middle.  This kinda thing is great for bass guitar or bass-heavy signals that tend to get lost in the mix when distorted.

These are currently being built on a limited run basis and selling for $220 post-paid.  If you’re interested in one, shoot me an email and let me know! thedoctor@ballseffects.com

Balls V-30P

Balls V-30P Amplifier. This one is a variation on the AC30-style platform but the plan was to capture more of the variations of the original circuit.  So here we have the standard brilliant channel, the top-boost brilliant channel, and the EF86 pentode channel  of the original AC30/4.  The brilliant channel incorporates the top boost circuit in normal operation, and the top-boost can also be removed from the circuit via a push-pull volume pot.  The EF86 pentode normal channel operates like an AC30/4 would, but has a multitude of tonal options via a rotating capacitor selector.

As always, with any questions or requests for custom builds please feel free to contact me at thedoctor@ballseffects.com

Mark Three Fuzz Boxes

Small run I did a while ago.  Three knob germanium fuzzes a la the Park Fuzz Sound, third edition tone benders, etc. AC125 transistors in a small package enclosure. Did a run of five that sold out rather quickly.

As always, with any questions or requests for custom builds please feel free to contact me at thedoctor@ballseffects.com

Balls G-50

Hot off the bench from summer 2016!.  This one is a higher gain amp I’m calling the G-50. Its core is a Marshall 2204 circuit with a number of tweaks to trim out a lot of the brightness that the stock circuit seems to abound with. Sounds brutal and its going to an appropriately brutal sludge band! MagComp iron, Mallory caps, CTS pots, Tung Sol preamp tubes and Mullard EL34s.

As always, with any questions or requests for custom builds please feel free to contact me at thedoctor@ballseffects.com

Balls V-30

Another older build.  This one is a pretty straight ahead clone build of the Vox AC30 (AC30/6 w/Top Boost) with the tremolo channel removed.  Many people don’t realize it but this top-boost circuit provides a beautiful, vocal sustain and distortion like no other.  I’ve heard from customers that this is what they always wanted their Marshalls to sound like, but could never achieve!  4 EL84s in the output section produce a robust 30 watts; a very happy medium for an amp wide open with a rock drummer.

As always, with any questions or requests for custom builds please feel free to contact me at thedoctor@ballseffects.com

Balls Twenty

Always and forever never making blog posts.  So here goes…a build from a little while back which is currently on sale at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn NY!

The Balls Twenty is an amp designed around several classic elements from English and American amps of the 60s, and is well suited for guitarists that seek that a vintage, classic tone with large tonal flexibility. The Twenty is a 20-watt, 6V6 powered single channel amplifier with simple, yet extremely flexible tone controls to make the amp capable of producing a wide variety of tones from blues to classic rock and country by just adjusting the knobs. The twenty can also run the full gamut from beautiful clean tones, light overdrive, to full-blown thick sludgy crunch. The Twenty also takes pedals extremely well and loves boosts (especially Rangemasters!), drives, fuzz, etc. Like all Balls effects units and custom amplifiers, the Twenty is built in Brooklyn NY with hand-wired care, high quality parts, and attention to detail.

As always, with any questions or requests for custom builds please feel free to contact me at thedoctor@ballseffects.com



Balls P-50 (Apr. 2015)

Here’s a custom build from a little over a year ago that I neglected to write about.  The customer in this case wanted a pretty standard English heavy rock sound and so this is based on the Marshall plexi format with a few appointments made to my taste.  Channel one is dark and pretty clean and channel two a bit more bright and gainy.  My favorite way to do a plexi!  Parts in this are Sprague orange drop caps, Mag-Comp iron, CTS pots, and my favored pairing of Mullard reissue EL34s and TungSol pre-amp tubes.  The amp comes standard with jacks and pot for exterior bias adjustment, because screw paying for a tube re-bias!