Black Balls

You’re asking yourself “how much more black could this be?” and the answer is none. None more black.  The Black Balls is a distortion unit that aims to not suffer from the standard woes of distortion units.  None of the thin, overly compressed mush that is the standard in so many dirt boxes.  It is loud.  Hella loud.  And dynamic as hell, so it can cut though the mix quite well.  The drive control takes you from a clean preamp-like boost all the way to gritty gruff distortion and gets you a lot of places in between as well.  With the high gain distortion comes high end signal, and the Filter control is on board to help tone that down as needed.  Instead of a traditional tone stack this one aims to just bring down the highs.

This guy is GREAT for bass, as well.  One common problem with using guitar distortions on bass is the aforementioned compression.  Basses just get lost in the mix when you give them too much distortion!  With the Black Balls you can really dial down the distortion to get just the right amount for bass and still let it really shine through with a full band.  A heavy bass playing customer said “it’s the best bass distortion ive ever used”.  Well there you go.

The same Balls quality is represented here as it is in all of my pedals.  As always, killer  artwork is provided by Chief of Balls Graphics, Mr. Dann Miller.

Demo by Kelly Doyle showing the filter range of the Black Balls

Another Kelly Doyle demo, this time with the Black Balls on both the bass and guitar tracks  in the left channel, and the Buzz Balls on the guitar in the right channel.  Get out your headphones and get weird!


Video demo provided by Gearmanndude

Black Balls units are available for $190

Contact me with questions or purchase specifics