Big Balls

The Big Balls is my submission for a personally tailored Big Muff circuit.  These started as a request from a customer for a vintage muff sound, but in a unit that could handle some extra low end without completely fritzing out.  And so enters the Big Balls.  The tonal appointments follow one of my favorite instances of the “Ram’s Head” era muffs from the mid 1970’s.  Many may know that there’s never been one true circuit for this era, as they varied quite a bit from unit to unit, but this follows my personal holy grail variation.  The mids are pretty scooped, and the tone is large and dark.  With that i’ve used a slightly lower gain setup, similar to the Russian made muffs of the 1990s, which adds a fat bottom end and holds back the raspiness and grit leaving a smooth, soaring sustain.

Main Drag Music had this to say about it:

This pedal is essentially a lower gain Ram’s Head Muff. What you’re getting out of it is the ability to push the volume and gain and drive your amp harder, without the danger of having your sound collapse on itself – a problem that a lot of players have with modern day muffs. Don’t let the “lower gain” throw you off. There’s plenty of big on this muff.

These guys do double duty nailing the Gilmour solo tone from the late 70’s (Animals, The Wall) and hang equally well with the Dinosaur Jr sound, all while retaining that big low end.  The same all-handmade Balls quality is represented here as it is in all of my pedals.

Sound clips coming soon!

Big Balls units are available for $190

Contact me with questions or purchase specifics