This is my take on the legendary Tycobrahe Octavia, as made popular by Jimi Hendrix.  This circuit is LOUD and full of rich, biting distortion with a good deal of gating to it. The octave effect becomes more and more pronounced the higher you play on the neck, and it, along with the gated qualities allow you to produce some nice almost synth like sounds with the guitar.  Such glorious weirdness from a 50 year old circuit!

Everything in these is built with modern silicon semiconductors, except for the diodes which are germanium 1n34As. Carling footswitches, Neutrik jacks and Davies daka-ware chickenheads are also present. Battery power or 9VDC (center negative) power jack.

Demonstration of the Octa-balls as performed by Kelly Doyle:


Balls MkII units are currently non-stocked items, but may be available upon request. Contact me for purchase inquiry or any questions thedoctor@ballseffects.com